26 December 2009

Spruce up your outfit for New Year's Eve

Need some inspiration for New Year's Eve? Check out my online stores and, if you are in Australia, enquire about express post so that you can guarantee delivery by New Year's Eve.

13 December 2009

Free Shipping in Australia till Christmas

Australian shoppers can enjoy free shipping with any product purchased at my Etsy store until Christmas. Code: AUSTFREE on checkout and the shipping will be refunded to you.

25 November 2009

10-12% off selected products at Etsy and Dawanda

I am participating in the Black Friday through Cyber Monday shopping weekend through my Etsy store and offering 10% off selected products. The discount starts early, from now until Monday 30 November. Discounted items include my Galaxy cuffs and Birds of a Feather series (as well as other items). Check out these items at my Etsy Store 'sale' section.

My Dawanda store will also be offering 12% discount off all my products during the Advent Calendar promotion. Sign up for the Advent Calendar to receive notifications of what day the 'jewellery' category will offer the 12% discount at Dawanda Advent Calendar.

18 October 2009

New for Spring/Summer Collection

I've discovered the joy of wearing really long earrings! And I'm really into blue (can't you tell!). Along came my 'Birds of a Feather Fringe Earrings' - the first in line for my new season jewellery.

I've also started new line of wristband chainmaille cuffs. This is one of my favourite cuffs that I've just started designing. I like its industrial appeal and it is really comfortable and easy to wear. It comes in duotone black rubber and aluminium and I will be introducing more colour combos.

01 October 2009

Galaxy Cuff

I'm starting to really get my shop off the ground now. And what with the increased interest in my Galaxy Cuff, I am really pleased to report that I will be introducing a new line of cuffs made from leather, as well as variations of the cuff pictured ... perhaps in gold? Different pearl colours? Anything is possible!

25 June 2009

Make-over shop

I've been working on a make-over for my shop so that it's more in line with my 'green' theme. Check out my store and visit my Facebook page for a sneak peak of what's to come ... I've also created my very own website at And don't forget that there is 20% off all orders during June if you purchase from my new Artfire shop!

07 June 2009

Silversmithing or Metal Clay?

I'm torn between taking on a short training course on silversmithing or metal clay. If I were a purist I may argue that the traditional skills of silversmithing are vital and must not be polluted by other fads. But I'm not really interested in making things like spoons. Metal clay sounds so malleable. Hmmm. Decisions, decisions...

21 May 2009

Mixed media

It's been a while since my last post. I haven't been slack though! I've been experimenting with new materials to incorporate into my pieces. My latest craze is using paper and felt within my designs. I have recently posted up my Flower Domino earrings.

Some of my pieces are now also selling up in Sydney in a boutique called 'Arktik Designs'. Very exciting!

19 April 2009

EtsyDUST Monthly Sale - April - 'Aussie Autumn'

I've just joined up with Etsy DUST (Down Under Street Team).
Every month, DUST has a themed sale. This month is the 'Aussie Autumn' sale and I have listed two items that I think fit into this theme.

18 April 2009

Interesting ways with clay

I've been having a look at what creative things you can do with polymer clay and stumbled across this fabulous crystal bird by Christi Friesen.

15 April 2009

Flower Power!

I logged into my etsy today and wondered how the number of visits for my Flower Power earrings had jumped from 7 to 150 in two hours. Fortunately, revealed that I had been featured on the home page of etsy (hooray!). Hopefully I can now make my first online sale!

14 April 2009

Brooching the issue

I've been working on ways to create a really nice brooch. I think this one fits the mould...

13 April 2009

Manchette noire de fleur

Here is one of my latest creations, which I uploaded today on Etsy. I've called it something in French (hope I got the grammar right) as I thought it sounded more's a black rose cuff by the way...

Emerald who...?

So, I have finally started up my own blog! Hmmm... In case you're wondering, I have named it Emerald Lily after my birth stone and flower (left of the 'of the valley' bit on the flower as it didn't seem to have a good ring to it). I've been working on starting up my own handmade jewellery business during the last couple of months and have recently set up my pieces for sale at Etsy (hooray!). Have a squiz and see what you think. I've set up the address at Just remember, the pricing is in $USD!


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