18 October 2009

New for Spring/Summer Collection

I've discovered the joy of wearing really long earrings! And I'm really into blue (can't you tell!). Along came my 'Birds of a Feather Fringe Earrings' - the first in line for my new season jewellery.

I've also started new line of wristband chainmaille cuffs. This is one of my favourite cuffs that I've just started designing. I like its industrial appeal and it is really comfortable and easy to wear. It comes in duotone black rubber and aluminium and I will be introducing more colour combos.

01 October 2009

Galaxy Cuff

I'm starting to really get my shop off the ground now. And what with the increased interest in my Galaxy Cuff, I am really pleased to report that I will be introducing a new line of cuffs made from leather, as well as variations of the cuff pictured ... perhaps in gold? Different pearl colours? Anything is possible!


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