19 April 2009

EtsyDUST Monthly Sale - April - 'Aussie Autumn'

I've just joined up with Etsy DUST (Down Under Street Team).
Every month, DUST has a themed sale. This month is the 'Aussie Autumn' sale and I have listed two items that I think fit into this theme.

18 April 2009

Interesting ways with clay

I've been having a look at what creative things you can do with polymer clay and stumbled across this fabulous crystal bird by Christi Friesen.

15 April 2009

Flower Power!

I logged into my etsy today and wondered how the number of visits for my Flower Power earrings had jumped from 7 to 150 in two hours. Fortunately, revealed that I had been featured on the home page of etsy (hooray!). Hopefully I can now make my first online sale!

14 April 2009

Brooching the issue

I've been working on ways to create a really nice brooch. I think this one fits the mould...

13 April 2009

Manchette noire de fleur

Here is one of my latest creations, which I uploaded today on Etsy. I've called it something in French (hope I got the grammar right) as I thought it sounded more's a black rose cuff by the way...

Emerald who...?

So, I have finally started up my own blog! Hmmm... In case you're wondering, I have named it Emerald Lily after my birth stone and flower (left of the 'of the valley' bit on the flower as it didn't seem to have a good ring to it). I've been working on starting up my own handmade jewellery business during the last couple of months and have recently set up my pieces for sale at Etsy (hooray!). Have a squiz and see what you think. I've set up the address at Just remember, the pricing is in $USD!


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