25 November 2010

Holiday Deals! Free worldwide shipping on selected items!

For a limited time only, I am offering free worldwide shipping on selected items in my Artfire shop! Check out my shop for details - only at Artfire! Offer ends 18 December 2010.

23 November 2010

Blog feature on Madeline's Wardrobe

A big thank you to Madeline for featuring my Chunky Woolly Mammoth Tangerine Neck Warmer on her blog feature 'It's Tangerine Time!'. Her blog can be found at Madeline's Wardrobe.

21 November 2010

'Like' my lipstick?

I never leave home without at least two lipstick shades and a few lip glosses. Of course, I don't need to use them all at once, but I feel like I need to have the light and dark shades with me in case I don't like how it looks when I'm out. Then I can quickly change my look. No stress.

Today I went out to lunch, not only forgetting to take my lipstick, but forgetting my entire makeup truckload bag. With a sudden urge and energy to desperately rectify the situation, I went in search of somewhere to get one. Bad mistake. I am hopeless at choosing the right shade (dark or light? matte or gloss? sparkles anyone?) ... ah .... My hand, acting as the canvas, ended up being a rainbow of shades, bruised and swollen from constantly wiping and re-wiping colours and still no closer to finding the right shade. Why was I there again? Hmmm - did I already have that shade at home?

I am still not sure how on earth I ended up leaving the store with a bundle of new gold eyeshadow and a bath squeegee ... still lipstick-less.

20 November 2010

Win a Nikon Camera, a Kindle or Table Top Photography Studio

Artfire are holding a competition to win some great gear, including a Nikon camera, a Kindle or Table Top Photography Studio. To enter, all you have to do is find a handmade product (not your own) on ArtFire or Etsy that would make a great gift.  Then tweet or write a blog post about the the item (please link to the item).  Share a link to your tweet or blog post on the wall and you’ll be entered for chance to win one of three great prizes! 

You don't need to be a seller or registered buyer to enter! For more information on entering visit Artfire's conditions of entry.

17 November 2010

Vintage-inspired treasures

New Etsy App Gallery for sellers and buyers

Etsy have just announced the release of their Etsy App Gallery, which helps sellers to streamline their shops and products and making it easier for buyers to find handmade items, particularly with the lead up to Christmas. There are a variety of interesting tools for buyers, shops and mobile, including Etsy on Sale for managing sale events, FotoFuze to help you enhance your photos, Etsy Addict to browse products on your mobile and Cre8tivity to help you monitor your shop and download sales info. I will be providing my personal review of the apps shortly, but for now, go and check out the Etsy App Gallery and feel free to post your thoughts on them here.

14 November 2010

Summer 2011 Collection

I have been working hard on some new designs for my Summer 2011 collection. The theme for my new season takes a detour to chain body jewellery and really focuses on using vintage inspired chainmaille in much more interesting ways than just your standard bracelets. I started pushing the notion of multi-purpose jewellery using chainmaille. One of my newest pieces is an intricately made silver mini purse necklace. Something that is edgy, elegant and a safe place I can store loose change for my morning coffee, hide away some sweet smelling lavender or other secret momentos.

Shoulder body jewellery is also taking a front seat and really pushing my brand forward as an edgier, more sexy look, incorporating chunky chains that drape delicately over one shoulder.

My 'convertibles' range uses lots of multi-coloured chains of different weights which clip and wrap around your body to create a multitude of different looks - strands of bracelets, chokers or necklaces - all from the one set.

Don't forget to come and visit my shops at Etsy or Artfire and follow me on Twitter!

15 August 2010

Artfire Curated Collections

Artfire recently introduced its Artfire Collections. It's a bit like Etsy's 'Treasuries' but so much more accessible for members to create their own themed collections and share them with other artisans.

01 July 2010

New silver plated Galaxy cuff!

I have just released my new series of silver plated Galaxy cuffs. With the increase in the price of sterling silver, I felt it was time to design a series for those who would love to wear the design but are looking for a more affordable range. Well, here it is! I'd love to know what you think.

15 June 2010

Molecular Biology Earrings and Etsy Geek Love

After the recent launch of my new line of Molecular Biology earrings last week, I was fortunate enough to be featured on Etsy's 'Geek Love' Storque blog. The idea behind my new designs is to mix together our everyday interactions with nature (biology, flora, fauna) with our industrial workaday. The Molecular Biology earrings fitted perfectly within the concept that everything is made up of molecules, whether it is within animate or inanimate objects. The earrings represent this dynamic flow of molecular energies bonded together.

09 June 2010

Bloomin' Marvellous New Jewellery

I am currently working a new line of jewellery for the season including the introduction of a men's line of cuff links. My latest releases have been the 'Bloomin Marvellous' earrings range. Each earring is hand cut and assembled with felt and metal to create tactile and cheerful pieces. I have also introduced a line of 'Molecular Biology' earrings as part of my Galaxy range as well as adding variations to my Galaxy cuffs.

I am also loving Art Deco at the moment. As well as my usual 'Art Deco Silver Fan Earrings', I have added a gold version plus added my 'Tropical Turquoise Resin Square' Earrings. Whilst turquoise is the colour of 2010, it also combines the soothing and serene qualities of blue with the invigorating aspects of green.

Don't forget to keep a look out for my new 'Puff Tuft' range and upcoming men's cuff links.

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