14 November 2010

Summer 2011 Collection

I have been working hard on some new designs for my Summer 2011 collection. The theme for my new season takes a detour to chain body jewellery and really focuses on using vintage inspired chainmaille in much more interesting ways than just your standard bracelets. I started pushing the notion of multi-purpose jewellery using chainmaille. One of my newest pieces is an intricately made silver mini purse necklace. Something that is edgy, elegant and a safe place I can store loose change for my morning coffee, hide away some sweet smelling lavender or other secret momentos.

Shoulder body jewellery is also taking a front seat and really pushing my brand forward as an edgier, more sexy look, incorporating chunky chains that drape delicately over one shoulder.

My 'convertibles' range uses lots of multi-coloured chains of different weights which clip and wrap around your body to create a multitude of different looks - strands of bracelets, chokers or necklaces - all from the one set.

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