21 November 2010

'Like' my lipstick?

I never leave home without at least two lipstick shades and a few lip glosses. Of course, I don't need to use them all at once, but I feel like I need to have the light and dark shades with me in case I don't like how it looks when I'm out. Then I can quickly change my look. No stress.

Today I went out to lunch, not only forgetting to take my lipstick, but forgetting my entire makeup truckload bag. With a sudden urge and energy to desperately rectify the situation, I went in search of somewhere to get one. Bad mistake. I am hopeless at choosing the right shade (dark or light? matte or gloss? sparkles anyone?) ... ah .... My hand, acting as the canvas, ended up being a rainbow of shades, bruised and swollen from constantly wiping and re-wiping colours and still no closer to finding the right shade. Why was I there again? Hmmm - did I already have that shade at home?

I am still not sure how on earth I ended up leaving the store with a bundle of new gold eyeshadow and a bath squeegee ... still lipstick-less.

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